CPD & LUX – H8 V3 Angle Eyes now available in the UK

LUX H8 V3 Angel Eyes are the best available angel eye after market lighting upgrade on the market! LUX have had massive success in the USA and have established themselves as the market leader!

CPD has recognized that a product of this pedigree is  a must for the UK and European market and therefore we are now proud to be the official UK and European retailer of LUX Angel eyes.

LUX H8 is 100% plug and play requiring no cutting, drilling, or modifying your headlights. LED angel eyes are unique to halogen or xenon angel eyes because they are designed specifically to make both the inner and outer ring equal brightness while maximizing brightness.

The LUX H8 V3 uses a unique power supply that is over 98% efficiency and does not need a heat sink for cooling since it produces no heat.

Product Features:
• Full Brightness with No Dimming
• Brightest of all LED angel eyes
• 100% plug and play, no wires external to the headlight
• 6500k Color
• Absolutely NO Radio Interference
• No Wires hanging outside the headlight
• 1 Year limited warranty

Product Compatibility:

• E92 3-Series Coupes | (2006-2010)
• E93 3-Series Convertibles | (2006-2010)
• E90/E92/E93 M3’s | ( 2006-Current)
• E90 LCI (with Xenon) | (2009-Current)
• E60 LCI 5-series | (2008-2010)
• E84 X1 ( with Xenon) | (2010-Current)
• E70 X5/X5M (with Xenon) | (2007-Current)
• E71 X6/X6M | (2008-Current)
• E89 Z4 | (2009-Current)
• E82 1-series and 1M (with Xenon) | (2007-Current)

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