About Us

Thank you for visiting CarProductsDirect.co.uk, the first truly comprehensive one stop car accessories store. We provide the complete product selection and expert customer support that professionals, as well as dedicated hobbyists demand.  We offer a large range of top quality products at competitive prices.

CSL Flippers iconI myself am a very keen car enthusiast being a member of various car forums and participating in many car shows over the years. I use a wide range of products and accessories on my own car. However, there are so many car products out there sometimes it’s hard to know which products are worth buying and do the job well.

I got tired of searching online, reading reviews and going from shop to shop trying to find which products are the best for my needs and where I could buy them at the best prices. So one day I thought why don’t I start my own business only selling products that I know are top quality and great value. Pulling knowledge from not only my experience but fellow car enthusiasts. This way you save time not having to browse through endless product lines.

We offer products that are not only top quality but at affordable prices!

We are always interested to hear your review on products and if there is something we don’t stock please contact us and we will try to do our best to get it in stock for you!