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CPD E90 audio install by Safe ‘N’ Sound

I’ve had the car for few months now was was itching to get modding.  As winter is on our door steo i thought the best mod to do right now to get the project under way is to get the the audio system upgraded as the car came with the basic speaker system, which is pants especially has the car has all the media options and car has no tweeters!!! :o(

I wanted to go for a nice clean sounding system.  The Alpine upgrade is a very good option, but i wanted to go for something a little bit extra so that I would not be disappointed with the end product.  I spoke to David from Safe’N’Sound a few times and  after doing a bit more research we came up with a good all round system:

Components Focal K2 power KRS100

Subs 2 x Earthquake SWS-8

Audison SR4 amplifer

Audison BIT10 digital sound processor

First of all, the door cards came off! and the OEM window trim so that it could be replace with a new trim that contained housing for the new focal tweeters.




After removing the door cards you could see how little room there is behind it to fit a speakers.  It was  a good choice going for the slimline Focals.

Now it was time to get to work.  We went through a few different mounting ideas but as the space is so limited we decided to use the Focal speaker mounts and modify it in order to mount the speaker in reverse on it.  That way the speaker will be sitting as close to the door card possible as the focal  has more depth then the OEM speaker.

OEM vs Focal

Modifying focal housing to allow for mounting to OEM locations and allow to reverse mount focal speaker

Component speaker is sealed using dynamat, crossovers mounted to door card and wired up.  David did a great job keeping all the wiring neat and tidy.  Tweeters were also mounted inside the new OEM door trim.

Door cards back on and Focals looking very tidy behind the grilles.

Now it was time to get working on the subs under the front driver and passenger seats.  First job was to unbolt the front seats so that they could be leaned back to make room to get to the subs.

OEM 6″ subs out and new SWS-8 to be used as replacements.  The subs were mounted using speaker spacers made by a member on E90post.  The spacers fitted great and there was not need to do any modding to the mounting location or subs in order to make them fit!!! :0) Also the spacer for the OEM grille also some additional room for the increased displacement of SWS-8’s.

SWS-8s mounted.

David then finished off the wiring and neatly routed all the new wiring into the boot to hook up to the Bit10 and SR4 amplifier.

The Bit10 and SR4 were hooked up and wiring as usual kept very tidy by David.

Next the system was turned on and David hooked up the laptop to the Bit10 in order to de-equalise the signal from the headunit and to yield a clean true digital output.

Boot floor put back in and the boot has maintained all of it use and now the audio sounds 10x better than the OEM setup. The sound from the Focals is so clear and crisp and the SWS-8s give the low end a lovely kick!  I can’t thank David enough. He took extreme care with the car interior, wiring and the new goodies going in.

I would highly recommend his services and will definitely be using him again for future CPD audio/visual installs!!




Kav’s E90 Tourer

Kav’s E90 Tourer:

Coilovers BMW performance Brakes 6 pots front 2 pots rear Braided Brake hoses all round Red stuff pads up front 335 style magnaflow exhaust system (not loud) 335 rear diffuser colour coded Simota Induction system Colour coded engine bay Front strut brace ACS style mirrors Black BMW badges all round Gloss Black Grills m3 e92 RPI scoops Moulded front lip Gloss black roof rails HID fog lights


BC Racing Coilovers

There have been a few companies who have attempted to deliver a high quality,  fully adjustable coilover kit, to the market at affordable prices for the consumer.  Many have tried and failed, but we believe the coilover over kits offered by BC Racing are one of the best available in the UK market today.

BC Racing offer three ranges in thier coilover portfolio for BMW application:

  1. BR Series – Street and Circuit coilover
  2. RM Series – Inverted Damper for Pro Track
  3. ER Series – External Reservoir


Features of the kits  are:

* Pillowball upper mount
* Camber adjustable top mounts
* Aluminium top plates
* 30 way adjustable damping
* Adjustable spring platform
* Height adjustment via bottom mount to retain full damper travel
* Bearing mounted upper front spring platform
* Dust boot to protect damper seals

* some features are dependent on model . For further details please see the BC racing webiste (

The BR series is the entry level kit, but from our experience and customer reviews they are proving a massive success for your daily driver for road use or enthusiast track events.  We truly believe that this performance kit is one of the best available in the UK market and at a price that makes it very accessible.



CPD & LUX – H8 V3 Angle Eyes now available in the UK

LUX H8 V3 Angel Eyes are the best available angel eye after market lighting upgrade on the market! LUX have had massive success in the USA and have established themselves as the market leader!

CPD has recognized that a product of this pedigree is  a must for the UK and European market and therefore we are now proud to be the official UK and European retailer of LUX Angel eyes.

LUX H8 is 100% plug and play requiring no cutting, drilling, or modifying your headlights. LED angel eyes are unique to halogen or xenon angel eyes because they are designed specifically to make both the inner and outer ring equal brightness while maximizing brightness.

The LUX H8 V3 uses a unique power supply that is over 98% efficiency and does not need a heat sink for cooling since it produces no heat.

Product Features:
• Full Brightness with No Dimming
• Brightest of all LED angel eyes
• 100% plug and play, no wires external to the headlight
• 6500k Color
• Absolutely NO Radio Interference
• No Wires hanging outside the headlight
• 1 Year limited warranty

Product Compatibility:

• E92 3-Series Coupes | (2006-2010)
• E93 3-Series Convertibles | (2006-2010)
• E90/E92/E93 M3’s | ( 2006-Current)
• E90 LCI (with Xenon) | (2009-Current)
• E60 LCI 5-series | (2008-2010)
• E84 X1 ( with Xenon) | (2010-Current)
• E70 X5/X5M (with Xenon) | (2007-Current)
• E71 X6/X6M | (2008-Current)
• E89 Z4 | (2009-Current)
• E82 1-series and 1M (with Xenon) | (2007-Current)

CPD and KG Modders Featured in PBMW, September Issue!

Thanks to the Kav and George (KG Modders) and Louise and Ben at PBMW for sorting out a great feature in the upcoming issue of Performance BMW.  As most of you guys know CPD works very closely with KG, so the feature showcases the cars KG have modified using products provided by CPD.  We would like to thank KG and PBMW for their support and  hard work on the day!