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The D2 Racing big brake kits are designed to cope with the heat generated by extreme braking on the road or track.  Where as the standard braking system will quickly overheat and no longer perform the D2 Racing brake kits will dissipate this heat so keeping the braking system within its operating parameters allowing you, the driver, to brake for much longer and much harder.  It is extremely unlikely that a driver will find the limits of a D2 Racing braking system if they choose the right kit to suit their needs, no matter if the car is a road car, race car or sprint car.

This frees you up to enjoy the performance of your vehicle without having to hold back on the braking effort used or cut your track time short due to a fading braking system.  With a set of D2 Racing brakes you can concentrate on maximising the cars performance knowing with full confidence that every time you hit the brake pedal the car will stop progressively and consistently.

The Kit

The D2 Racing brake kit includes everything you will need except brake fluid.

  • Pair of lightweight strong aluminium calipers
  • Pair of race specification rotors
  • Pair of lightweight aluminium bells
  • Pair of steel brackets
  • Pair of braided brake lines
  • Set of brake pads
  • Full fitting kit
  • Fitting guide


Caliper Lightweight

The D2 Racing calipers are CNC machined from aluminium.  They use popular pad shapes meaning you can pick and choose which brake pads you would like to run.  Most performance brake pad manufacturers offer suitable pads including Ferodo, AP Racing, Carbotec, Pagid, EBC, Project MU and Mintex.

External Dust Seal

The D2 Racing calipers feature external dust seals to prevent dirt, salt and water ingress to maximise the durability of the kit.  If contaminants can’t get down the sides of the pistons then they can’t effect operation ensuring freely moving pistons for years to come.  Freely moving caliper pistons means no sticking or dragging brakes.

Durable Red Finish

The default colour for the D2 Racing calipers is a painted deep red.  Black, purple, and yellow are all non cost option caliper colours.

Aluminum Bridge Supports

The D2 Racing calipers come with strong thick aluminum bridge supports that double up as pad retainers.  They help increase the rigidity of the D2 Racing calipers to prevent flex and maximise pedal feel.  When you press the brake pedal you want to know the brake pedal movement translates into force pushing the pads onto the rotor, not into caliper flex.  Caliper flex creates a vague feeling to the brake pedal which is why D2 Racing have designed both the caliper and its supporting components to minimise flex down to amongst the lowest level in the aftermarket big brake arena.

Aluminium pistons

The caliper use lightweight, aluminium pistons coated to prevent corrosion and help ensure reliable long life caliper service

Drilled Rotors

The D2 Racing kits use drilled rotors.  Drilled rotors offer multiple advantages over plain.

  • drilled rotors are lighter than plain and the gain is significant as it is unsprung rather than sprung
  • brake rotor cooling improved at all speeds.  The faster the speed the greater the temperature differential between plain and drilled
  • increased braking output at all speeds for the same pedal pressure
  • more stable braking performance with more consistant pedal feel and reduced pedal travel at all temperatures.  Upto 37% greater brake output at higher temperatures for the same pedal pressure compared to plain rotors
  • drilled rotors prevent the pads from glazing unlike plain rotors
  • 27% better wet braking performance at lower pedal pressures as the holes allow superior water dispersal allowing proper pad to rotor contact
  • lower pedal pressure compared to plain mean less caliper flex so reduced radial taper wear
  • massive reduction in hot spots and pad deposits compared to plain massively reduces judder issues

Rotor and Bell Assembly

To keep unsprung weight to a minimum, reduce servicing costs and to maximise flexibility the D2 Racing kits uses a separate bell and rotor system.  Unlike other premium big brake kit manufacturers the bell and rotor assembly are supplied built up and ready to fit using high tensile M8 Torx bolts and metal lock nuts.   The bell is centred in the rotor and then balanced to ensure optimum performance.  The bell itself is manufactured from lightweight aluminium.

Strong inflexible brackets

The brackets are cast from S45C steel then CNC machined to ensure strength and accuracy of fit

Braided Brake Lines

Stainless steel braided brake lines are included to eliminate hose expansion.  This reduces pedal movement and improve pedal feel.

Brake pads

The brake pads included with the D2 Racing brake kits are made specifically for the UK D2 Racing brake kit distributor by a very large performance brake manufacturer.  The pads are designed to offer an excellent fast road and mild track pad.  They work well from cold and are more than capable of holding their own on track, be it Donnington or the Nurburgring.  An excellent do it all brake pad.  If you are fitting a D2 Racing brake kit to a hardcore track or outright race car then you might want to choose a more focused race orientated pad but for the vast majority of users the default pad is more than adequate.

We can offer a wide range of alternate brake pads including Ferodo. Pagid, EBC etc


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