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BC Racing Coilovers

There have been a few companies who have attempted to deliver a high quality,  fully adjustable coilover kit, to the market at affordable prices for the consumer.  Many have tried and failed, but we believe the coilover over kits offered by BC Racing are one of the best available in the UK market today.

BC Racing offer three ranges in thier coilover portfolio for BMW application:

  1. BR Series – Street and Circuit coilover
  2. RM Series – Inverted Damper for Pro Track
  3. ER Series – External Reservoir


Features of the kits  are:

* Pillowball upper mount
* Camber adjustable top mounts
* Aluminium top plates
* 30 way adjustable damping
* Adjustable spring platform
* Height adjustment via bottom mount to retain full damper travel
* Bearing mounted upper front spring platform
* Dust boot to protect damper seals

* some features are dependent on model . For further details please see the BC racing webiste (www.bc-racing.co.uk)

The BR series is the entry level kit, but from our experience and customer reviews they are proving a massive success for your daily driver for road use or enthusiast track events.  We truly believe that this performance kit is one of the best available in the UK market and at a price that makes it very accessible.